Streamline Artisans began in 2017 when our sister company, Streamline Architects, realized that in architecture there is a great opportunity to work with clients and go the extra step in their project to make something special. Specializing in high-quality custom furniture and architectural fabrication, the team of welders and designers at Streamline Artisans use steel and wood to build one-of-a-kind pieces that last a lifetime and let you put a unique mark on your space.

With a quickly-growing staff of fabricators and designers, and partnered with its sister company, Streamline Architects, Streamline Artisans is uniquely equipped to take on any commercial or custom fabrication project. Take a look at our portfolio of furniture built for existing restaurants and offices, as well as our capacity for custom work.

We've built relationships with the top glass, wood, and steel companies in the Midwest, and we regularly work with plasma and laser cutters, powder coaters, and local woodworkers. These relationships are our strength, and they enable us to develop any design on our computer and fabricate it to reality. 

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